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Request Database Tracking

Excel is used to list requests with dates.  The dates are automatically
numbered weekly, as are completion dates.  Lapsed days and weeks
are shown, in colour - green for completion, black for ongoing
(with bold face in the estimated final week) and red for past due.


With the estimated number of weeks entered, completion date is shown
first with the week and week number.  When the request is completed,
then eliminate the estimated number of weeks and enter the completion date
in the completion date column.

This will be of much more help than To-Do list in analyzing the status
on one's job and identifying what one should chatch up with. 

     Request Database Tracking
- September 7, 2002 -

     Monthly Credit Cards, Loans and Utility Payments on Bank Accounts

"If the day a repeating payment is scheduled falls on a weekend or bank holiday,
the payment will be processed the next business day."

- February 6, 2008 -

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