The expanse of Excel, as "spreadsheet" implies, is fully used   
    to store and locate data.   
   Each cell on its sheet is addressed by the column and row,   
   so it is easy to locate the cell with its address (e.g. A1).   

   The number of columns on a single sheet is 256 and rows, 65,536.   

   Excel cell locator - Google Search lists websites giving ideas on   
   how to understand and use "Excell, whoops, Excel cell locator".   

   Here is Excel Cell Locator. `=ROW()' is used to show the date on a given row, eg. 2008/10/9, or '39728', is placed on the row numbered the same.

- September 7, 2006 -
Revised - October 9, 2008 -

   On the spreadsheet is the chemical "Periodic Table" .

- December 4, 2007 -

Now in  Google Spreadsheet
- December 7, 2007 -

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