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Bitcoin falls after U.S. seizes most of Colonial ransom
6/9/2021 .cnbc.com
Bitcoin hacking FBI Russia El Salvador

Pipeline Investigation Upends Idea That Bitcoin Is Untraceable
6/9/2021 nytimes.com
Bitcoin hacking FBI Russia

Coincheck acquisition a gamble for Monex
2018/4/4 asia.nikkei.com
Bitcoin hacking

In Japan's first case of its kind, 18-year-old sent to prosecutors over 15 million yen cryptocurrency theft
2019/3/15 japantimes.co.jp
Cryptocurrency hacking Internet Utsunomiya

North Korea stole cryptocurrency via hacking: UN panel
2019/3/8 asia.nikkei.com
Cryptocurrency hacking North Korea United Nations

Everything to Know About The Latest Worldwide Ransomware Attack
2017/6/27 fortune.com
Bitcoin hacking

Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Sanctions Against Russia for Election Meddling
2017/6/15 time.com
Senate U.S. Election hacking Russia

Suspected Russian spam boss arrested in Spain at US request
2017/4/10 bostonglobe.com
Hacking Election U.S. Spain Russia

GOP rep: Trump owes Obama apology for 'reckless' wiretap claim
2017/3/17 msn.com
White House hacking Republicans

Julian Assange Timed DNC Email Release for Democratic Convention
2016/7/27 time.com
Information Technology Democrats hacking Election U.S.

Trump says he hopes Russia can find 'missing' Clinton emails
2016/7/27 usatoday.com
Information Technology Democrats Republicans U.S. Russia

DNC emails show hostility to Sanders; one calls campaign chief 'damn liar'
2016/7/24 usatoday.com
Information Technology Democrats Election U.S.

FBI Offers to Help Local Law Enforcement With Locked iPhones
2016/4/2 time.com
Smart Phones hacking FBI Law Information Technology Apple

The FBI Has Successfully Unlocked The iPhone Without Apple's Help
2016/3/28 npr.org
hacking FBI Law Information Technology Apple

Apple and FBI Face Off at Congressional Hearing
2016/3/1 time.com
Congress hacking FBI Law Information Technology Apple

New York Judge Says FBI Cannot Make Apple Provide iPhone Data
2016/2/29 time.com
FBI Court Law Information Technology Apple

Shareholders Applaud Apple CEO in Fight With FBI
2016/2/26 time.com
Conflict FBI hacking Apple

Apple Asks Judge to Vacate Order to Unlock iPhone
2016/2/25 time.com
Court Justice Smart Phones hacking Apple California U.S.

U.S. charges three in huge cyberfraud targeting JPMorgan, others
2015/11/10 reuters.com
hacking Crimes U.S. Israel Stock, Shares
pump-and-dump thefreedictionary.com

Anonymous Hacker Claims to Have Breached CIA Director's Email
2015/10/19 time.com
hacking CIA Social Media Palestine

U.S. Strikes Cybertheft Agreement with China
2015/9/25 time.com
hacking Human Rights Diplomacy Presidency U.S. China

A Hacker Is Hacked: Controversial Italian Cyber Espionage Company Is Targeted
2015/7/6 npr.org
hacking Internet Governments Italy

New Research Blames Insiders, Not North Korea, for Sony Hack
2014/12/30 TIME
State U.S. North Korea Hacking Conflict

Sony Announces Limited Release of The Interview
2014/12/23 TIME
State U.S. North Korea Hacking Conflict Entertainment

Obama Says Sony 'Made a Mistake' Pulling The Interview
2014/12/19 TIME
State U.S. North Korea Hacking Conflict

Sony Pictures likely most costly hack attack in U.S. corporate history
2014/12/20 Japan Times
North Korea Asia Regret Entertainment Information Technology U.S. Hacking Conflict

U.S. Sees North Korea as Culprit in Sony Hack
2014/12/17 TIME
North Korea Asia Regret Entertainment Information Technology U.S. Hacking Conflict

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