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Michigan Man Watched Porn While Driving Before Fatal Car Crash, Police Say
2016/1/26 time.com
Driving Catastrophe Michigan U.S.

Here's Why Everybody Parks 'Front Wheels Out' In Hawaii
2015/3/17 huffingtonpost.com
Driving Toyota Hawaii

Saudi Women Still Can't Drive, But They Are Making It To Work
2015/2/25 npr.org
Driving Feminism Saudi Arabia

Police: Son of Calif. Ex-Governor Schwarzenegger Involved In Road Run-In
2015/2/17 huffingtonpost.com
Entertainment Driving California

7 Simple Ways to Winterproof Your Car
2014/12/30 time.com
Driving Cars Jan Calendar

Cops: N.D. driver in fatal 85-mph crash was on Facebook
2014/9/4 USA TODAY
Driving Law Minnesota North Dakota U.S. Facebook

Prosecutor: Trucker in Morgan Crash Lacked Sleep
2014/6/9 TIME
Driving Crimes New Jersey U.S.

This Is Going to Be the Worst Road Trip Weekend Ever
2014/5/22 TIME

Truck's bad parking job shamed with hilarious chalk graffiti
2014/4/14 New York Daily News

Watch a Car Spend 4 Minutes Trying to Get Out of a Tiny Parking2013/10/14

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