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2015/9/28 allabout
Travel English Japan 47 prefectures 47 prefectures

What's New? Japan

S. Korean court dismisses ex-comfort women's suit against Japan
4/21/2021 mainichi.jp
Court Law World War II Korea Japan Diplomacy

Japan unveils dawn of the 'Reiwa' era
2019/4/1 excelfan.com
History Generations Calendar Japan

Abe's cabinet approves plan to accept more foreign workers
2018/11/2 asia.nikkei.com
Jobs Residency Jobs Japan

No. of Japanese centenarians hits record high
2019/9/14 the-japan-news.com
Aging Society Demography Japan Shimane-ken Tottori-ken

Power returning to Hokkaido, but quake exposes flaws of Japan grid
2018/9/7 reuters.com
Earthquake Energy Japan Hokkaido

Japan's Princess Mako Gives Up her Royal Status to Marry a Commoner
2017/9/4 time.com
What's New? Japan Japan

Japan prepares for arrival of 248th era
2016/6/17 asia.nikkei.com
Calendar History Japan

Population of children sinks to yet another record low
2017/5/4 japantimes.co.jp
Demography May Calendar Japan

New US envoy to Japan seen focusing on investment, jobs
2017/3/25 asia.nikkei.com
Diplomacy Japan White House Economy

Japan Inc. agrees to explore opportunities in Saudi Arabia
2017/3/15 asia.nikkei.com
Business Japan Saudi Arabia

Tokyo excited about economic boost from Saudi king's visit
2017/3/11 asia.nikkei.com
Diplomacy Japan Saudi Arabia

Japan's imperial couple pays tribute to late Thai king
2017/3/6 asia.nikkei.com
Thailand Japan

Nojima poised to buy Fujitsu's Nifty broadband business
2017/1/14 asia.nikkei.com
Internet Business

News in Slow Japanese
2017/1/10 newsinslowjapanese.com
Languages Nihongo

"Police are still looking for the killer ! We NEED your INFORMATION ! "
2016/12/25 keishicho.metro.tokyo.jp (Tokyo Metropolitan Police)
Crime Japan Tokyo Setagaya Tokyo

Japan to offer 1-year path to permanent residency
2016/11/15 asia.nikkei.com
Jobs Law Japan

Seniors 75 and older outnumber children in Japan
2016/10/27 asia.nikkei.com
Aging Society Demography Japan

In A Rare Speech, Japan's Emperor Hints At Abdicating
2016/8/8 npr.org
Japan State

SWIMMING / Hagino wins swimming gold
2016/8/7 the-japan-news.com
Japan Sports Tochigi

Japanese emperor shows intention to end reign while alive
2016/7/14 asia.nikkei.com

Line: A guide to Japan's messenger giant
2016/7/14 bbc.com
Online Technology Apps Japan Taiwan Thailand Stocks Tokyo Stocks, Shares New York

As Japanese Bodies Arrive Home, Dhaka Officials Search For Clues
2016/7/5 time.com
Muslims Bangladesh Italy Japan

Japan burger chain to recruit part-timers in 5 languages
2016/6/19 asia.nikkei.com
Jobs Business Japan

Obama to visit Hiroshima, make anti-nuclear speech: Nikkei
2016/4/22 japantimes.co.jp
Presidency U.S. Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan

Mitsubishi Motors likely used unapproved testing method on Pajero, i-MiEV
2016/4/22 japantimes.co.jp
Cars Mitsubishi Japan

Service Taxi
Travel Leisure Cars Tottori Japan Facebook

10 Things Japanese People Do Better Than You
2015/7/23 ninjajournalist.com
Japan Japanese People

5 reasons Japanese convenience storesrock
2013/12/23 en.rocketnews24.com
Shopping Japan

World's Oldest Man Dies in Japan Aged 112
2016/1/19 time.com
Longevity Aging Society Japan

Japanese recognized for discovering element 113
2016/1/1 asia.nikkei.com
Chemistry Japan

South Korea and Japan Settle Deal on Wartime Korean Sex Slaves
2015/12/28 time.com
World War II History Korea Japan

Details of Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Revealed
2015/11/5 nbcnews.com
Economics Trade Japan Chile Vietnam Presidency U.S.

My Number
2015/10/15 japantimes.co.jp
Law Japan

Schauwecker's Japan Travel Blog
2015/10/9 japan-guide.com
Travel Japan Travel Japan

U.S. and Pacific Nations Reach Landmark Trade Deal
2015/10/5 time.com
Economics Trade Japan Chile Vietnam Presidency U.S.

Avalanche-hit Everest reopens to climbers; Japanese to be first to attempt summit
2015/8/24 japantimes.co.jp
Mountains Japan Nepal

Leader of Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Arrested in Tokyo
2015/8/1 time.com
Finance Crimes Information Technology Japan Tokyo
Bitcoin thefreedictionary.com Encyclopedia

Watch as Astronauts Dock With the International Space Station
2015/7/22 time.com
NASA Astronauts Russia Japan US

Secondhand house data worries Tokyo market watchers
2015/7/21 asia.nikkei.com
Housing Business Tokyo-to Tokyo Japan

For Japanese women, the spending starts after 70
2015/7/21 asia.nikkei.com
Aging Society Shopping Demography Japan

In Japan, the elderly are committing more crimes than teenagers
2015/7/17 washingtonpost.com
Crime Aging Society Korea Japan Asia

Shinzo Abe seeks to reassure China over Japan's security bills
2015/7/17 ft.com
Diplomacy China Japan Asia

Honda To Set English as Official Language
2015/6/30 blogs.wsj.com
Honda English Lingua Franca Business

Okinawa marks 70th anniversary of final battles
2015/6/23 nhk.or.jp
History Okinawa Okinawa-ken 47 prefectures

YOSAKOI Soran Festival
2015/6/10 .welcome.city.sapporo.jp
Travel Hokkaido What's New? Japan

Osaka's 'win-win' merger may leave the people lost
2015/5/16 japantimes.co.jp
Business Future Osaka Japan Politics

Bad, drunk or speeding cyclists face new penalties June 1
2015/1/20 japantimes.co.jp
Bicycles Law Transportation Japan

2014/6/1 YouTube
Bicycles  Japan

イオレ、広告プラットフォームサービス事業で 医師専用コミュニティサイト「MedPeer(メドピア)」と業務提携
2015/3/30 asahi.com
Jobs Business

Blue Bottle Coffee
2015/3/6 bluebottlecoffee.com
Food Tokyo

'Black widow' indicates involvement in additional deaths: police sources
2015/2/18 japantimes.co.jp
Crimes Osaka-fu Kyoto-fu Hyogo-ken

Architecture Design Business Ibaraki-ken

2015/2/20 release.nikkei.co.jp
Sports Business Japan

2015/2/5 japantimes.co.jp
Diseases Medicine Business Japan

Could Mount Fuji be the next Japanese volcano to erupt?
2014/10/1 telegraph.co.uk
Weather Science Shizuoka Yamanashi Japan

On Mar 15, 2015, JR Ueno-Tokyo Line is sheduled to commence, extending the services of the Utsunomiya Line, the Takasaki Line, and the Joban Line southward through Ueno and Tokyo and onto the Tokaido Main Line.
2015/2/14 en.wikipedia.org
Transportation Tokyo Travel Tochigi

Japan in Depth / Trainees 'filed false papers' / Broker aided Nepalese with refugee status
2015/2/6 the-japan-news.com
Japan Tochigi Nepal

Indian police hunt for man who raped Japanese student
2015/2/10 japantimes.co.jp
Outrage Violence Sex Crimes India Japan Nepal

Kenki Museum 建機ミュージアム Kagoshima
2015/2/12 kenki-museum.com
Travel Architecture Design Kagoshima Japan

Kenji Ekuan, designer of the classic soy sauce dispenser, dead at age 85
2015/2/9 japantimes.co.jp
Architecture Design History Hiroshima Japan

Number of foreign workers in Japan hits record-high 787,627
2015/1/31 mainichi.jp
Japan State

'Encouraging' Ebola drug results in Guinea
2015/2/4 yahoo.com
Health Medicine World Health Organization (WHO) Guinea Japan Fuji Film Holdings

Hostage Crisis Deepens Debate Over How to Defend Japan
2015/2/1 time.com
Violence State Japan

Obama: New ISIS beheading is 'heinous'
2015/1/31 time.com
Syria US Japan Violence

After Father's Death, A Writer Learns How 'The Japanese Say Goodbye'
2015/1/27 NPR
Japan Fukushima Authors Books

Japanese 'Black Widow' Chisako Kakehi Investigated Over Deaths Of Six Partners
2014/11/20 huffingtonpost.co.uk
Crimes Law Kyoto Osaka Japan

19か月カレンダー Excel
Calendar Japan

Vexed Riken halts Obokata's bid to prove stem cell discovery
Disgraced researcher Obokata announces her resignation

2014/12/19 Japan Times
Science Japan

JAXA launches asteroid-chasing Hayabusa2 space probe
2014/12/3 Japan Times
Science Kagoshima Japan

4 Pearl Harbor Survivors Gather For Reunion, Vow It's Not Their Last
2014/12/2 HUFFPOST
History Military Japan Hawaii U.S.

North Korea Does Not Deny Involvement In the Sony Pictures Hack
2014/12/2 TIME
Japan SONY Conflict Entertainment North Korea Asia

TED: Pico Iyer - The art of stillness
2014/11/27 ourprg.com
TED Book: The Art of Stillness
The walk that made me love Japan
2014/7/16 bbc.com
Author India UK Kyoto Travel Japan

Japan's third quarter recession deeper than estimated
2014/12/8 bbc.com
Finance Business Japan

Japanese 'Black Widow' Chisako Kakehi Investigated Over Deaths Of Six Partners
2014/11/20 huffingtonpost.co.uk
Crimes Law Kyoto Osaka Japan

Breeder linked to dog dumping cases in Tochigi
2014/11/8 mainichi.jp
Animal Tochigi

Nikkei continues its winning ways, hits seven-year high again
2014/11/13 Japan Times
Finance Business Japan

Japan tells China to stop coral poaching after 200 boats spotted
2014/11/5 japantoday.com
China State Japan

Haneda flights over Tokyo nearer reality
2014/11/4 asiaone.com
Travel Tokyo Japan

Haneda Runway D Appears on Google Maps - Manmade Island on the Sea
2010/4/12 airportnews.jp
Travel Tokyo Japan

Japan says electronics OK during take-off and landing
2014/9/1 news.yahoo.com
Travel Japan

 World Clock Japan

 World Clock Time Zones Japan

Tokyo to set up 80 hydrogen stations by 2025
2014/11/19 japantimes.co.jp
FCV Transportation Japan Tokyo

Japan's economy takes a dive as Abe weighs delay of second tax hike
2014/11/6 Japan Times
Finance Business Japan

Silver City: one man's dream of growing old in English
2014/10/22 Japan Times

Latest Ebola Treatment: Japan offers experimental anti-influenza drug called Avigan
2014/8/25 The Health Site
Health Japan World Health Organization (WHO)

Majority of Chinese Expect War With Japan by 2020, Poll Finds
2014/9/10 TIME
Asia Japan China

Have You Ever Wondered Why East Asians Spontaneously Make V-Signs
2014/8/4 TIME
Korea Japan Asia

Japanese scientists find aging cure for flowers
2014/7/4 Japan Times
Science Japan

 Excel Chart: IMF Exchange Rates: Japanese Yen to US Dollar

Japan Finally Bans Child Pornography
2014/6/17 TIME
Law Japan

Japan now home to world's oldest man and woman
2014/6/10 Japan Times
aging Japan

 Excel Calendar Japan

Japan's Dirty Secret
2000/5/29 TIME
Japan < World

War-Shrine Visit by Japanese MPs May Cloud Obama's Tokyo Visit
2014/4/22 TIME
Japan < World

The Patriot: Shinzo Abe Speaks To TIME
2014/4/17 TIME
Japan < World

Japan's Biggest Crime Syndicate Has Its Own Website
2014/4/2 TIME
Social < Japan

Danger! Computer Simulates 1,500 People Walking and Texting at a Busy Intersection
2014/3/31 TIME
Social < Japan

Japan Orders Longest-Held Death Row Inmate Freed
2014/3/26 TIME

The Truth, Finally, After 30 Years In Prison & The Truth Is Ugly

Israel Direct Bank - Big In Japan commercial
History < Japan

Cabin attendants irked by Skymark miniskirt uniform
2014/3/10 Japan Times

スカイマークのミニスカCA14名とA330 お披露目会見@羽田

Misao Okawa at 116
Longevity advice from world's oldest woman: 'Eat a good meal and relax'
2014/3/5 Japan Times

American actress first non-Japanese tapped for NHK series lead
2014/3/5 Japan Times

Charlotte Kate Fox Comedy Reel

Anne Frank vandalism not very Japanese: Israel embassy

Hundreds of Copies of Anne Frank's Diary Vandalized in Japan
2014/2/27 TIME

Japanese Beethoven: deaf composer Mamoru Samuragochi exposed as fraud

'Japanese Beethoven' admits he is a fraud - BBC

Japanese Bicycles
2011/6/14 YouTube

Google Zeitgeist: 2013年を振り返ろう

Japanese movie adaptation of David Gordon's "The Serialist" trailer

MAGAZINE - Big in Japan
New York Times Jan 10, 2014

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