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No. of Japanese centenarians hits record high
Aging Society Demography Japan Shimane-ken Tottori-ken

9 habits that make you look older than you are
Health Aging Mental Health/Psychology

Nothing retiring about Australia's 'gray nomads'
Retirement Aging Australia Travel

Your Brain Will Age Better If You Do This
Aging Mental Health/Psychology

Major Stress Helps You Weather Smaller Stress/
Mental Health/Psychology Aging

Videos On End-Of-Life Choices Ease Tough Conversation
Medicine Health Care Aging Authors Jobs Hawaii U.S.

109-year-old woman reveals the secret to living a long life: avoiding men!
UK Lifestyle Aging Exercise & Health Scotland

Photo Series Of Seniors Shatters Every Aging Stereotype
2015/1/15 HUFF POST
Aging Wellness Photos

7 Medical Tests Every Man Needs
2014/6/15 TIME
Aging Health

Japan now home to world's oldest man and woman
2014/6/10 Japan Times
Aging Japan

The World's Oldest Man Has Died at 111
2014/6/9 TIME
Aging New York U.S.

10 Questions with Margaret Lambert
2014/3/29 TIME
10 Questions TIME

Centenarians Don't Die for the Same Reasons We Do
2014/6/3 TIME

Watch: The Island That Holds the Secret to Long Life
2014/5/25 TIME

Exercise Snacking: How to Make 1 Minute of Exercise Work Like 30 Minutes
2014/5/9 TIME

Cool runner! Woman, 91, sets marathon record
2014/6/2 USA TOAY
Sports North Carolina

95-Year-Old Woman Sets Running Record
2012/2/20 abcnews
Fabulous at Every Age: 11 Looks That Never Get Old

Running Strong

Apathy could signal brain shrinkage in old age
2014/4/16 USA TODAY

Misao Okawa at 116
Longevity advice from world's oldest woman: 'Eat a good meal and relax'
2014/3/5 Japan Times

World's Oldest Jew Dies at 113

Living for Longevity: The Nutrition Connection - Research on Aging

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