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Why You Don't Have to Exercise Every Day
2017/1/9 time.com
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7 Surprising Benefits of Exercise
2016/9/1 time.com
Exercise & Health Mental Health/Psychology

Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise Ever
2016/3/17 huffingtonpost.com
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Pain In Arch Of Foot: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment - Tennis Ball Massage.
2012/6/29 YouTube
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Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Career
2015/5/5 time.com
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The trick to packing gym clothes
2015/5/4 facebook.com/HuffPostLifestyle
Lifestyle Home Economics Exercise & Health

109-year-old woman reveals the secret to living a long life: avoiding men!
2014/1/22 theguardian.com
UK Lifestyle Aging Exercise & Health Scotland

When Exercise Does More Harm than Good
2015/2/2 time.com
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United Nations Declares June 21 as 'International Day of Yoga'
2014/12/11 ndtv.com
UN India Exercise & Health

Visit India's 'Strongest' Village
1,000 push-ups? No problem for these guys

2014/12/1 edition.cnn.com/video

India Exercise

"The World's Greatest Fat Burning Workout"
2014/10/6 tabataprotocol.com
Exercise Japan

Tabata Protocol Instructional Video

Study: Running 5 Minutes a Day Could Add Years to Your Life
2014/7/29 TIME

An Hour of Exercise Can Make Up for a Day of Sitting Down
2014/7/8 TIME

Exercise Snacking: How to Make 1 Minute of Exercise Work Like 30 Minutes
2014/5/9 TIME

95-Year-Old Woman Sets Running Record

Endurance Training Helps Your Heart, Even if You're Over 40
2014/5/9 TIME
Here are the 6 WORST things you can do if you want to ignite your body's own fat-burning furnace ...

Full Body Exercises that Burn Fat

Why I'm Running the Boston Marathon Again
2014/4/20 Health TIME
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Meb Keflezighi Becomes First American Boston Marathon Champion since 1983
2014/4/21 boston.com
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The Single Most Proven Way to Get Smarter and Happier
2014/4/7 TIME

Passion Pit - Take a Walk - Lyrics

NextDesk: Why sitting is killing you

How to sit correctly in front of the computer

Now There's Another Reason Sitting Will Kill You
2014/2/19 TIME

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