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Excel Chart: Cushing, OK WTI Spot Price FOB (Dollars per Barrel)
2014/12/8 Updated

The Other Giant Leap: What Happened to the First Man to Walk in Space
2015/3/18 time.com
Space TIME Photos TIME NASA Russia

Liftoff! A Year in Space Begins
2015/3/27 time.com
NASA Science

Rocket Bound for Space Station Rolls Out in the Kazakh Steppes
2015/3/25 time.com
NASA Science US Kazakhstan Russia

Kremlin Critics Fear Political 'Hit List' as Putin Drops Out of Sight
2015/3/13 time.com
Politics Russia

Putin reveals secrets of Russia's Crimea takeover plot
2015/3/9 bbc.com
Diplomacy EU Europe Russia

Russia Says It Would Consider Financial Help for Greece
2015/1/29 time.com
Greece Russia EU

Putin Watches Russian Economy Collapse Along With His Stature
2014/12/16 TIME
Energy Conflict Russia Ukraine

World Oil Prices Slide to Lowest Since 2009
2014/12/12 TIME
Iranian president blames oil price fall on political conspiracy
2014/12/10 cnbc.com
Energy Saudi Arabiia Iran Middle East Russia

Putin Turns to India With Energy, Defense Offers
2014/12/11 TIME
Diplomacy India Russia

Europe Needs A New Source of Oil and Gas, Fast
2014/9/10 TIME
Energy Russia Ukraine Azerbaijan Europe Conflict

Exclusive: Putin Cut Ukraine Criticism From Speech Ahead of Peace Talks
2014/12/8 TIME
Ukraine Russia Conflict

Cinematographer captured the footage while shooting an episode of "60 Minutes"
2014/12/1 TIME
Energy Belarus Ukraine Russia

Francois Hollande meets Vladimir Putin in Moscow
2014/12/6 ft.com
Diplomacy Ukraine Russia France

Excel Chart: Daily Gold Price in US Dollars per Troy Ounce, London PM Fix in Excel
2014/9/26 Updated

25 Years Ago, Malta Summit Marked Unofficial End Of Cold War
2014/12/03 npr.org

Friends At The White House
1992/10/5 TIME

Moscow's Revolution
2009/6/18 TIME

Eddie - My Journey
Published Feb 2014 goodreads.com
Malta Russia U.S. History Books

Putin to visit Turkey amid Syria differences
2014/11/30 TIME
Turkey Russia

Ready or not: oil exporters facing low prices
2014/11/27 blogs.ft.com
Venezuela Energy Middle East Russia

Oil price falls after Opec meeting
2014/11/28 bbc.com
Energy Middle East Russia Venezuela

Oil price falls ahead of Opec meeting
2014/11/26 bbc.com
Energy Middle East Russia

The Surprising Countries With More Women in Corporate Leadership Than the U.S.-Or Even Scandinavia
2014/6/12 TIME
Georgia Feminism China India Brazil Russia South Africa

Russia to build more nuclear reactors in Iran
2014/11/11 power-eng.com
Energy Russia Iran

9 Essential Berlin Wall Stories
2014/11/7 TIME
Russia Germany

Oil Prices Hit 3-Year Low
2014/10/13 TIME
Energy Saudi Arabia Russia Business U.S.

Ukraine Cease-Fire Appears to Hold
2014/9/5 TIME
Russia Conflict NATO

EU Sets Russia Ultimatum, Threatens Sanctions
2014/8/30 TIME
EU Europe Russia Conflict Business

Dropping Oil Prices Threaten Moscow's Budget
2014/8/26 TIME
Russia Energy Business

Excel Chart: Cushing, OK WTI Spot Price FOB (Dollars per Barrel)
2014/9/22 Updated

Not so gay in Russia, India and Australia
2013/12/16 Washington Post
LGBT Australia India Russia

Iran Gives Russia Its Best Chance to Hit Back Against Western Sanctions
2014/8/10 TIME
Iran Russia World

Russian bombers increase flights near U.S. airspace
2014/8/7 USA TODAY
Russia Alaska Military U.S.

U.S., EU Boost Sanctions On Russia
2014/7/29 TIME
Russia State U.S.

Death Toll Mounts as Clashes Intensify in Ukraine
2014/7/27 TIME
Regret Netherlands Russia Photos

Malaysia Airlines Ukraine Crash: 'Unreal' Scenes from Photographer Jerome Sessini
2014/7/19 Lightbox TIME
Regret Netherlands Russia Photos

Here's How Newspaper Front Pages Around The World Are Covering The Malaysia Plane Crash
2014/7/18 HUFF POST
Regret Netherlands Russia

Watch Two Planes Narrowly Avoid Collision at the Barcelona Airport
2014/7/7 TIME
Spain Russia

UTair Aviation 767-300 NEAR MISS? GO AROUND 2014/7/6

Vladimir Putin's War
2014/5/8 TIME
Russia < World

Naked Olympians and a Flaming Sledgehammer! | YouTube Nation

LIVE AND LET LOVE - Russian National Anthem

Why the Sochi Olympics are the Most Expensive in History

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