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Encore: A toy monkey that escaped Nazi Germany and reunited a family
12/24/2021 npr.org
Family American Jews 1941 Germany Sweden Listen

Bing Crosby introduces "White Christmas" to the world
1941 Music

World War II in Alaska
1967 nps.gov
1941 World War II History Alaska

2021/9/28 bbc.com
World War II 1941

2020/12/7 Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor
World War II 1941 History Hawaii

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
2019/8/8 artsandculture.google.com
World War II Nagasaki-ken 1945

From the Enola Gay, a strong wish 'not to repeat the mistake'
2017/8/7 asia.nikkei.com
1945 World War II Hiroshima Japan Aug

On 20 July the 509th Group began a series of combat strikes over Japan
1945 World War II Toyama Japan Jul

Obama's Hiroshima visit, 7 years in making
2016/5/26 asia.nikkei.com
Presidency Nuclear Weapon Diplomacy Hiroshima Japan 1945

The Gory Way Japanese Generals Ended Their Battle on Okinawa
2015/6/22 time.com
World War II 1945 Okinawa-ken

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