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"From August to October 2017, the MacQueens will travel around the world in their HondaJet
to raise cultural awareness and 'bring the world back home' ".
2017/8/4 share.garmin.com
ATLAS 2017

Semplicemente Sabato enjoy your weekend


Block pop-ups in Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Information Technology

"Block ads and pop-ups on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and your favorite websites."
Google Internet

Microsoft 365 Copilot
Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

Why the Price of Gold Just Hit an All-Time High
2024/3/7 money.com

  Google Index
2024/3/4 Google

My solo trip to Okinawa, Japan's paradise
2022/8/20 youtube.com
Travel Okinawa

Drift ice watching train in winter Hokkaido, Japan : Ryuhyo Monogatari train
2020 youtube.com
YouTube Hokkaido YouTube

After 6 years together, Angels move on from Shohei Ohtani's departure
2023/12/16 staradvertiser.com
Sports California staradvertiser.com

Yen gains momentum on speculation Fed will cut rates
2023/11/29 asia.nikkei.com
Finance Investment Economy
Excel IMF Exchange Rates Yen to US Dollar Chart

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Dow Jones Daily
Share Google Spreadsheet Viewing

Coincheck acquisition a gamble for Monex
2018/4/4 asia.nikkei.com
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency 2018

Robbery and Quadruple Murder of a Family
in Kami-soshigaya 3-chome

2000/12 keishicho.metro.tokyo.lg.jp
Crime Tokyo Archive 2000

Police are still looking for the killer ! We NEED your INFORMATION !
Do you remember? Murder and Robbery of a Family of 4 in Setagaya

keishicho.metro.tokyo.lg.jp (as of Dec 2023)

Introducing ChatGPT
2022/11/30 OpenAI
Artificial Intelligence Web Internet Archive 2022

What is OpenAI?
2015/12/11 techtarget.com
Artificial Intelligence Internet Archive 2015

Henry Kissinger Is Dead at 100; Shaped the Nation's Cold War History
2023/11/29 nytimes.com
Diplomacy Wars White House

Elevating Efficiency to New Heights
2023/10/17 hondajet.com
Aircraft Honda Jet

Around the World in 80 Stays Reviewed Archive 2017

ANSA English ANSAitalian

Se e' una notizia, e' un'ANSA
2023/8/19 'ansa.it
Italian Italy

ITALIA MIA > In italiano Ken's Home Radio

Hot weather, record electricity consumption: anti-waste advice
2023/11 ITALIA MIA GoogleTranslation

Translate English to Japanese
Italian Spanish


Is it easy to learn Italian after Spanish?
2023/12/1 dailyitalianwords.com

Dictionary < Spain
English Languages

News in Spanish NHK

Utsunomiya in Japan: The new light rail opened today!
2023/8/26 urban-transport-magazine.com
Transportation Utsunomiya

Daughter keeps Nagasaki A-bomb victim's anger alive via testimony
2023/8/9 mainichi.jp
World War II History Nagasaki 1945

Bon Odori(Dance)in Malaysia
2023/7/22 youtube.com
Festival Music Malaysia

16 of the best AI and ChatGPT content detectors compared
2023/4/25 searchengineland.com
Artificial Intelligence Web Internet

Your Guide to Riding Honolulu's Skyline Rail System
2023/7/6 hawaiimagazine.com
Travel Hitachi Hawaii 2016

Autograph Collection welcomes Japanese guest chef
for special culinary series in Saigon

2023/5/9 vietnamnews.vn
Food Vietnam

Palacios, Skymark staying positive air service to Saipan could resume
2023/4/13 saipantribune.com
Saipan Travel

Honda Aircraft Company Announces Plan to Commercialize New Light Jet
2023/6/13 'finance.yahoo.com
Honda Jet North Carolina

Yahoo Finance - Stock Market, Quote, News
Investment Yahoo Finance Internet Internet Japan

2015/6/5 www8.plala.or.jp 2015

June 2010 excelfan.akiba.coocan.jp 日光 多田亮一
Utsunomiya Okinawa 2010

@nifty Internet YouTube

ショートカットキー一覧 WindowsやExcelで使える早見表
2013/4/20 koneta.nifty.com
Excel Japanese

HTML Image Link
2023/10/22 html.am

What is a hashtag? Reasons and ways to use them with confidence
2023/5 kaydee.net
#Hashtag Facebook

Interested in Sailing MSC's Best Rated Ship for Only $936?
2023/5/1 cruisesheet.com
Travel Ships Okinawa Tokyo

Bitcoin Prices Fall Below $29,000. The Focus Turns to the Fed.
2023/5/1 finance.yahoo.com
Investment Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Excel World Clock Time Zones Summertime
2023/3/21 summertime.html
Summertime Calendar Excel

Mar 11, 2011 CE: Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
2023/3/1 education.nationalgeographic.org
Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy Tsunami Fukushima History Archive 2011

  Table Count Age

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Personnel Terms Headcount Viewing Table
Google Spreadsheet



Google Spreadsheet

  Excel Cell Locator
2023/2/19 excelfan.com

エクセル セルローケーター (Excel Cell Locator)

  Column A Date Locator

  Japanese Era 2019
Review OneDrive Microsoft

How to play Shogi (Japanese Chess)
2020/10/20 youtube.com
Games Excel Excel Japanese

  Excel Index Formula (Excel Index 関数)
2024/3/18 excelfan.com

  US Holidays Locator
2023/7/4 excelfan.com
  US Holidays by Weeks
2023/11/23 excelfan.com Calendar Excel #Hashtag

The Embassy and Consulates will be closed to the public
in observance of the following United States and Japanese holidays in 2024

Holidays US Japan

2024 Holiday Schedule

Sharing Calendar OneDrive MS

200 innovations changing how we live
2022/12 time.com
Technology Lifestyle

Coinbase halting operations in Japan, gives customers 4 weeks to pull funds
1/18/2023 finance.yahoo.com
Cryptocurrency Finance

English-Italian Sentences from the Tatoeba Project - Page 8960
2023/1/6 Review
Italian Languages Rakuten

The Boarded Window (By Ambrose Bierce)
2023/1/6 Review
English Listen Rakuten

Diary Rakuten
2022/12/5 Review
Mathematics Internet

Diary Rakuten Review
Mathematics Internet Rakuten

"Rakuten empowers individuals and businesses around the world
through innovation in internet services."


Music < Weekend Review

カレンダー 2022 and 2023 Review
2022/11/24 excelfan.akiba.coocan.jp
Calendar Japan Holidays Japan Facebook in Japanese


52-week Number with Menstrual Cycle Calculator
- Reviewed February 21, 2024 -

52-week Number and Blank Weekly Calendar
- Reviewed February 20, 2024 -

Blank Weekly Calendar with Week Number
- July 29, 2002 -

Math Review Math < Science < Japan

The Patriot: Shinzo Abe Speaks To TIME
2014 TIME
Japan < World

スカイマークのミニスカCA14名とA330 お披露目会見@羽田
2014 Skymark YouTube


NHK < Ken's Home Radio   cbsnews.com/live/

Doughnut shop owner teaches history while serving up sweet treats
2023/11/29 CBS Live  Facebook
World War II California

Semplicemente Sabato del 13 Aprile 2024

Radio Italy Saturday Ken's Home Radio

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Fastback 2006

Here is Excel Cell Locator.
`=ROW()' is used to show the date on a given row, eg. 2008/10/9, or '39728',
is placed on the row numbered the same.

- September 7, 2006 -
Revised - US Holidays December 22, 2021 -
Excel Cell Locator Calendar Excel

FIVE QUESTIONS ... For Elizabeth Andoh / Three Japanese principles head for American kitchens
2006/1/22 sfgate.com
Food Cooking Tokushima Japan

An Ancient Way to Simplify Modern Eating: Elizabeth Andoh at TEDxAustin

  Excel Weekly Planner with Weeks Numbers
2017/2/25 Calendar

Excel Calendar with World Clock

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