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How to play Shogi (Japanese Chess)
2020/10/20 youtube.com
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Excel World Clock Time Zones Summertime
2023/3/21 summertime.html
Summertime Calendar Excel

The Senate approves a bill to make daylight saving time permanent
3/15/2022 kut.org
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   Here is Excel Cell Locator.
`=ROW()' is used to show the date on a given row, eg. 2008/10/9, or '39728',
is placed on the row numbered the same.
- September 7, 2006 -
Revised - US Holidays December 22, 2021 -
Excel Cell Locator Calendar Excel

Google Spreadsheet Calendar
Calendar Google Spreadsheet Excel

Excel Charts: IMF Exchange Rates: Japanese Yen to US Dollar and Stocks
Investment Finance Excel

Japan's Kaji, the "godfather of Sudoku," dies at 69
8/17/2020 reuters.com
Google Excel Tokyo-to Games<

7/3/2021 blogger.com
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Google Spreadsheet Rugby World Cup Japan 2019
Rugby Google

Rugby World Cup 2019
2019/2/15 excelfan.com
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Excel Fan Chart Showing Uncertainty in Projections
2012/3/23 Peltier Tech Blog

"The Personnel Terms and Headcount Update"
will come in handy when you manage the human resources of your company or sport team. 
Excel Human Resources

3 Month Calendar Template for Excel
- An exercise to teach kids

  Excel 3-Month Vertical Calendar

  Excel Calendar with World Clock

  Excel 3-Month Parallel Calendar

  Excel Week Number

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