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Iceland Wins Hearts at Euro 2016 as Soccer's Global Underdog
2016/6/27 time.com
Soccer England Iceland

Pensioner Betty Williams unveiled as mystery host of Christmas lunch for lonely strangers
2014/12/19 telegraph.co.uk
Holidays UK

Manchester Christmas Markets
Travel UK

First UK Jewish Comedy Festival Targets Anglo-Jewish Audience
2014/11/30 jpupdates.com
Israel UK

Gangster 'Mad' Frankie Fraser dies at 90
2014/11/26 bbc.com

Why losing Rochester to Ukip is a total catastrophe for the Tories
204/11/19 telegraph.co.uk
England UK

Historic! Europe's Philae Probe Lands on Comet 317 Million Miles Away
2014/11/13 nbcnews.com TIME
Rosetta: Professor's reaction to Philae landing is a scientifically accurate picture of joy
2014/11/13 independent.co.uk
EU Europe Germany UK NASA

'British Schindler' Nicholas Winton: I wasn't heroic. I was never in danger
204/11/9 theguardian.com
Israel Maidenhead England UK

'Bus-sized fatberg' removed from London sewer
2013/8/6 BBC
London England UK

UK: River Thames floods homes in Berkshire, Surrey, near London

Google Zeitgeist - 2013 in Searches

DOCTOR WHO: Top 11 Things We'll Miss About Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith

Paul McCartney-You Tell Me

Jimi Jammin' 1969

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