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HUD: Growth Of Homelessness During 2020 Was 'Devastating,' Even Before The Pandemic
3/18/2021 kut.org
Homelessness Coronavirus African Americans

Magazine faces 'Big Issue dilemma' as Japan's homeless ranks shrink
2020/3/5 japantimes.co.jp
Homelessness Journalism Osaka-fu

Council Considers Using City-Owned Buildings To Ease Overcrowding At Homeless Shelters
2017/8/8 kut.org
Homelessness Austin TX

Hawaii Governor Declares State of Emergency Over Homeless Plight
2015/10/18 time.com
Homelessness Lawmaker Hawaii

Will the Hammer Fall on Homeless Encampment in Kakaako?
2015/7/6 civilbeat.com
Homelessness Hawaii U.S.

Hawaii Lawmaker Who Smashed Homeless People's Shopping Carts Beaten Up By Group Of Homeless: Report
2015/7/3 huffingtonpost.com
Outrage Violence Lawmaker Homelessness Hawaii

Why Flying Hawaii's Homeless To Other States Is A Good Thing
2015/6/26 huffingtonpost.com
Homelessness Hawaii U.S.

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