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Volkswagen Expected to Pay Another $1 Billion in Emissions Scandal
2016/12/20 nytimes.com
Volksvagen Recall U.S.

Volkswagen Reaches $14.7 Billion Settlement for Emissions Scandal
2016/6/27 time.com
Volks Wagen Recall EPA Germany

Volkswagen to Pay $10.2 Billion to Settle Emissions Scandal Claims
2016/6/23 time.com
Volks Wagen Recall Germany

VW's emissions scandal spreads to gas-powered cars
2015/11/4 usatoday.com
Cars Recall U.S. Volks Wagen Environment

VW Emissions Cheating Scandal May Have Deadly Impact, Study Says
2015/10/29 time.com
Cars U.S. Environment Pollution Volks Wagen

Volkswagen Scandal Sparks Huge Change in Emissions Testing
2015/9/25 time.com
Cars Volks Wagen

Volkswagen CEO's Future Remains Unclear Amid Scandal
2015/9/22 time.com
Cars Volks Wagen

VW's Emissions Cheating Found by Curious Clean-Air Group
2015/9/20 bloomberg.com
Cars Volks Wagen Pollution

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