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EPA Supreme Court White House Republicans

EPA's Scott Pruitt faces intensifying scrutiny, criticism of his ethics decisions
2018/4/3 washingtonpost.com
EPA Environment Republicans

A Court Has Blocked the EPA's Effort to Delay an Obama-era Rule on Reducing Emissions
2017/7/4 time.com
Climate Change EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions

'It's About Facts.' Thousands Protest and Make Friends in the Rain at the March for Science
2017/4/22 time.com
Climate Change Science Republicans EPA Washington DC U.S.

Volkswagen Reaches $14.7 Billion Settlement for Emissions Scandal
2016/6/27 time.com
Volks Wagen Recall Germany

'Series of Government Failures' Blamed for Flint Water Crisis
2016/3/23 time.com
Water Sanitation EPA Michigan U.S.

FBI Joins Probe of Flint Drinking Water
2016/2/2 time.com
Water EPA Michigan U.S.

EPA Official Resigns Amid Flint Water Crisis
2016/1/21 time.com
Water EPA Michigan U.S.

Expert says Michigan officials changed a Flint lead report to avoid federal action
2015/11/5 michiganradio.org
EPA Water Chemicals Michigan U.S.

Water: Drinking Water Contaminants/
EPA Water Chemicals

VW's emissions scandal spreads to gas-powered cars
2015/11/4 usatoday.com
Cars Recall U.S. Volks Wagen Environment

VW Emissions Cheating Scandal May Have Deadly Impact, Study Says
2015/10/29 time.com
Cars U.S. Environment Pollution Volks Wagen

Feds Give Shell Final Approval to Drill for Arctic Oil
2015/8/17 time.com
Environment Energy Arctic Alaska U.S.

Obama Unveils Plan for Steeper Emissions Cuts
2015/8/3 time.com
Climate Change Presidency Environment

Obama to Unveil 'Most Important Step' Ever to Combat Climate Change
2015/8/2 time.com
Climate Change Presidency Environment

Loophole Undermines Hawaii's Historic Plastic Bag Ban
2015/7/10 huffingtonpost.com
Shopping Environment Chemistry Hawaii U.S.

BP Will Pay Gulf States $18.7 Billion Over Oil Spill
2015/7/1 time.com
Energy Catastrophe Environment Oceans Florida Alabama Mississippi

There's A Little Good News About The Awful Amount Of Plastic In The Ocean
2015/6/5 huffingtonpost.com
Oceans Environment Pollution China Indonesia Philippines

John Kerry thanks Canada for Arctic Council leadership
2015/4/25 guelphmercury.com
Arctic Environment State Canada Climate Change

Low Prices Help Arctic Avoid A 'Gold Rush' Scenario
2015/3/23 oilprice.com
Arctic Environment Climate Change Energy

California Drought Leads to Historic Toilet Policy
2015/4/8 time.com
Environment Architecture Water California U.S.

Jim Inhofe Brings A Snowball To The Senate Floor To Prove Climate Change Is A 'Hoax'
2015/2/26 huffingtonpost.com
Climate Change Weather Environment Politics Republicans

NASA's Before And After Photos Of Climate Change Are Terrifying
2015/3/16 pixable.com
Climate Change Photos NASA Environment

Solar plane journey's first leg ends
2015/3/9 bbc.com
Energy Environment Climate Change Business UK
#‎SolarImpulse Facebook

Two Massive Lakes Under the Greenland Ice Sheet Drained Away in Weeks
2015/1/22 time.com
Climate Change Environment Norway

Shell agrees $84m deal over Niger Delta oil spill
2014/1/7 bbc.com
Energy Environment Nigeria

Bangladeshis use sponges to clean oil spill threatening dolphins
2014/12/12 news.yahoo.com
Asia Bangladesh Animals Environment

Senate Blocks Keystone
2014/11/18 TIME
Environment Energy Politics U.S. Canada

Keystone XL pipeline vote in U.S. Senate expected to be tight
2014/11/18 cbc.ca
Environment Energy Politics U.S. Canada

U.S. Gives $15 Million to Help Cut Methane Emissions
2014/9/22 TIME
Climate Change Environment United Nations Politics U.S.

California Set to Enact First Statewide Ban of Plastic Bags
2014/9/5 TIME
Business Law Environment California U.S.

Study: 9/11 Dust Cloud Likely Caused Widespread Pregnancy Complications
2014/8/13 TIME
Environment U.S. Health September Calendar

How Deep Is The American West's Water Challenge?
2014/8/4 On Point
California U.S. Weather NASA Environment U.S.

Unprecedented California Drought Restrictions Go Into Effect
2014/7/29 TIME
Environment California U.S.

Accountant rows along California coast
2014/7/29 sandiego6
Environment Sports Arizona California

Earthquake Insurance Becomes Boom Industry in Oklahoma
2014/6/17 TIME
Business Environment Oklahoma U.S.

Why 'Global Warming' Is Scarier Than 'Climate Change'
2014/5/28 TIME
Environment < World

17 Everyday Chemicals Could Be Linked to Breast Cancer
2014/5/12 TIME
Environment < World

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